Brilliant Minds Academy

We are an accredited private education provider that is devoted to educational excellence and aims to be the leading provider of the nation’s education.
We emphasize on hard work, dedication, and success.

We create a stimulating atmosphere to learn that ensures that our learners perform at their highest potential.

We offer very high-quality training services at reasonable fees.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. We nurture brilliance and uncover success!


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Our Courses

We offer Courses that are accredited by various educational bodies of South Africa.

Graphic Design

Public Relations

Health Promotional Officer

Human Resource Management


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2020 Graduation Ceremony

The 2020 Graduation was a Success!
Congratulations to the class of 2020 for defying the odds amidst a pandemic and successfully completing their courses!.

Award Ceremony

Brilliant Minds Top Achievers!
All the students who were top achievers in their classes were celebrated and honoured for their achiements!.

Matric Rewrite Camp

Exams can be so stressfull and depressing!
Our Student went on a camp before their final Exams just to distress and prepare themselves mentally for the challenges that lay ahead.

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