To insure a safe, caring and happy environment for all students and stuff.
To equip each student with the necessary skills and knowledge so that they may function to the best of their abilities.


To provide quality education and training and to promote high moral standards which will enable students to be responsible citizens,
who contributes to the development of our Country in all spheres of life.


We are an accredited private education provider that is devoted to educational excellence and aims to be the leading provider of the nation’s education. We emphasize on hard work, dedication, and success.

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First National Bank

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626 937 204 53
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Courses We Offer

We offer National Certificates that are issued by the Department of Higher Education and Training upon succesful completion of 4 subjects for each level.

National Diplomas are issued also by the Department of Higher Education and upon succesful completion of, N4,N5, N6 and relevant 18 months Experiential Training.

Faculty of Business & Management Studies.

HR Management.
Public Relations.
PR Management.
Management Assistant.
Financial Management.
Travel & Tourism.
Public Management.

Faculty of Safety & Security.

Road and Traffic Management.

Matric Rewrite.

New & Old Curriculum Amended CAPS.
NCS Amended Senior Certificate.

Faculty of Information Technology.

End-User Computing.
Technical Support.
Systems Development.

Faculty of Engineering Studies.

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering.
Civil Engineering.

Faculty of Health Sciences.

Health Promotion Officer.
Community Health Care.
Ancillary Health Care.

Brilliant Minds Academy

In the heart of Pretoria! Competing with the best colleges South Africa has to offer, we position ourself in alignment with the current trends and our Qualifications are accredited by the best institutions in South Africa has to offer.

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Our Courses

We offer Courses that are accredited by various educational bodies of South Africa.

End User Computing

Introduction to computers,Typing Skills, Microsoft Word,Microsoft Excel,Microsoft Powerpoint,Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook and Internet Email.

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Systems Development

Database Design & Implementation,Introduction to VB.Net, C++ Programming,Internet Web Design, Introduction to Java Programming.

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Technical Support

Communication, Computer Architecture, Network Architecture, Client Operating Systems, Network Administration,
I.T & Business Planning.

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Engineering Studies

Engineering is a scarce skill in South Africa with some of the highest starting salaries, so by joining this field you will always be sought after by employers. Explore our course offerings and take your first step towards an exciting career among highly-esteemed professionals today.

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23 October 2020

2020 Graduation Ceremony

The 2020 Graduation was a Success!
Congratulations to the class of 2020 for defying the odds amidst a pandemic and successfully completing their courses!.

23 October 2020

Award Ceremony

Brilliant Minds Top Achievers!
All the students who were top achievers in their classes were celebrated and honoured for their achiements!.

26 October 2019

Matric Rewrite Camp

Exams can be so stressfull and depressing!
Our Student went on a camp before their final Exams just to distress and prepare themselves mentally for the challenges that lay ahead.

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